Dans tes Yeux

KORG Volca session

This is our new set-up for the newest songs. This one is called "Dans tes Yeux".


Song review

overland inn

"Don’t you love the moment in a film when the main character finally realizes that it’s her/his time to become strong and accept the mission? This moment isn’t exclusive to action films or sci-fi, but can be found in any film where we have a character who is brave and who we want to believe in. And this moment I reference, I truly think some of the amazement is because their is a fear that inherently comes with courage, a fear that doesn’t hold back.

So what does this have to do with Overland Inn, the Prague-based French duo, and their new song, Alpha? Well just take a listen and you will see! This new track is powerful and can take light and fragile sonic moments and mash them with triumph. It’s the kind of song that makes me want to go out there and be courageous despite some fear I may have. I challenge you to take Alpha with you into the day and f*cking own it. Take a listen now and get ready for the mission"



Live @ Kino U Pilotu